Day Trip to The Atlas Mountains from Marrakech

4X4 FULL Day trip to the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech

If you are in Marrakech and feel like taking a day trip to the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech and meet the Berbers- a pre-Arab culture- who inhabit that region, then this 4×4 Marrakech excursion to the Atlas Mountains is ideal for you.

Travel from Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains and enjoy a stroll through Berber towns and eat in a towns Berber Home in the Atlas Mountains

Believe it or not, the Berbers have been living in Morocco for more than 4000 years!! They persisted and fiercely defended their territory. The Berbers preserved their culture and language up to this day, and their lifestyle has always been the curiosity of the west.

Hearing stories about the indigenous people of Morocco-the Berbers-is magnificent, but what is more, fun is going up there and meet them in person! Our Marrakech excursion to the Atlas Mountains will allow you to see the history they survived through their eyes, meet the Berber craftsmen, observe the innate knowledge of their land and be overwhelmed by the peculiar combination of simple-complicated that distinguishes their lifestyle from any other. Added to the historical/ cultural experience, our day trip to the Atlas Mountains comes with enjoyable moments in the green fields of the Atlas Mountains surrounded by snowcapped mountains, valleys, and lakes.


the steps of day trip to the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech:


  • Star our Marrakech excursion to the Atlas Mountains.
  •  Next destination will be Fadma’s house.
  •  Day trip to the Atlas Mountains on a souk day (Tuesday- Saturday).
  •  A visit to the village of Imlil.
  •  A visit to the village of Armed.
  •  Back to Marrakech and end your exciting day trip to the Atlas Mountain from Marrakech.



 Simply send us an email with what you need to find in Morocco and we can tailor a visit for you to suit your wants.



We star our Marrakech excursion to the Atlas Mountains with a drive southward via some rough terrains across Agafay desert. We will pass by the Haouz Plane known for its orange, apricot and olive farms. Our first stop will be the lake of Lalla Takerkoust.

Next destination will be Fadma’s house, a Berber lady who is generous enough to open her house for us. Generosity and hospitality are traits that you find in almost every Berber family. Fadma will welcome us with a Berber mint tea ceremony, homemade bread and extra virgin olive oil. You will notice that the food’s taste is different and pure, simply because that’s the taste of fresh organic food.

Know it’s your lucky day when you decide to take your day trip to the Atlas Mountains on a souk day (Tuesday- Saturday), which is basically a local outdoors market. Souk days are very important for the natives, as on this day they display their products for others to buy, hence securing themselves enough money to live on until the next Souk day. During our short visit to the Souk, you will see silver jewelry artwork, handmade sandals, spices, vegetables, and grains. Our visit to the souk which will either be in Asni or Tahennaout will be followed by a visit to the village of Imlil. The latter is considered the point of entry to the Toubkal National park.

When we get all settled in Imlil, we will take an hour hike with your guide who will help you navigate the safest and best route for you to the village of Armed, where you will be welcomed by a Berber family into their house and enjoy a delicious Tagine from the Berbers’ cuisine. Berbers are nationally known to be good cooks and they build great flavors into their Tagines.

In the afternoon, we head back to Marrakech and end your exciting day trip to the Atlas Mountain from Marrakech with a drop off at your place of accommodation in Marrakech.

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